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Have a computer problem?

Get it solved with a visit from one of Springfield's premier technology service providers. Mac or PC, if it computes, we can help. Whether you're fighting off a nasty virus or wondering what got zapped in the latest round of storms, we can find the problem and fix it. Fast and friendly in-home service for all manner of technology problems.

New Computer Systems

Buying a new computer? We can assist with all stages of your move, from selection to setup to data migration. Call or email for friendly advice on the best values in computing today; when you've made your purchase let us know! We'll turn your new machine into a lean, secure system with updated software and virus protection. We'll move your data over from your old computer, set up your core apps, and get you started off on the right foot.

Data Backup

Worried about your data? Your precious family photos and critical business documents are too important to be left to chance. We'll be happy to provide advice and assistance on developing a backup plan.

Computer Repairs

So your computer quit on you. We'll start by recovering your data if at all possible. Then we'll figure out what went wrong, and give you an honest assessment of the value of fixing it.

Networked Home

We don't just fix computers either! As technology infiltrates your living room, the panoply of options can be overwhelming at times. We can setup all the latest streaming services on your new TV or entertainment device, and offer advice on how to best make use of the equipment you have.

Smartphones and Tablets

We can also help out with smartphone questions. Whether you're trying to recover your contacts from an obsolete platform or attempting to sort out your costs for a new phone, we can provide coherent explanations and an honest assessment of value. We can also help you get the most out of your tablet device!

If you are in need of small business IT services we can help. With a strong client base in Springfield, we are familiar with a variety of industry specific programs in a number of common configurations. Let us know how we can help you get business done.

Business Software

Your core software is the key to your business. Modern applications provide immense savings in time and trouble at a comparatively low cost. We have experience in installing and configuring software for a wide variety of businesses, as well as choosing, configuring, and maintaining the server hardware to support them. We can also help to prevent disaster by setting up a backup plan to ensure that your business data is protected.

Desktop Maintenance

No amount of software and servers is useful without the client computers to run it. We can provide routine repairs and maintenance of systems, as well as buying advice to ensure you get the best value for your money.

VoIP Phone Systems

As costs continue to fall, more and more small businesses are looking to replace their outdated phone systems with inexpensive and featureful VoIP options. We can provide complete VoIP systems at a reasonable price, and with the flexibility to grow with your business needs.

IT Planning and Strategy

We are not just another repair and replace shop. Our goal is to provide small businesses with not only the nuts and bolts of IT, but the strategy and vision as well. We will get to know your business and your needs, and help you plan your IT investments for the long term. We can provide up to date knowledge of the state of IT now, and analysis of new technologies and how they may benefit or impact you, so that you can plan effectively to save money and increase productivity. Our business is helping you do business.

Feel free to contact us with any technology question, small or large. We're here to help.

Phone: (937)324-5701

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